About Us


INNO was established in 2000 and formed by a group of compliance, tax and accounting, immigration and anti-dumping specialists and professionals. We offer all-round professional business and management consultancy services to clients from various industries and countries. We are dedicated to provide high-quality, tailor-made one-stop-shop services to you at a competitive price.

Our Quality Services & Solutions Beyond Your Expectation


We are dedicated to be one of the best Accountancy, Taxation, Corporate Finance, Compliance and Anti-dumping specialists in Hong Kong with wide recognition in the Greater China area.

In order to keep pace of the rapidly changing business environment, we continuously update our professional knowledge so that our professional teams are always at their best to serve our clients.

Inno Consultant has been serving Hong Kong and international clients since the year 2000. Our reliable service, flexibility and commitment to our customers' needs are the keys of our success. Quality customer service is what we promise to deliver to our clients.