Inno Accounting Services

We provide professional accounting services:

Daily Book-Keeping
According to HKSAR Inland Revenue Ordinance, businesses in Hong Kong must keep proper accounting records and these records have to be kept for at least 7 years. On the other hand, a complete accounting record is the best reference to assist the management in making appropriate business decisions.
As Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) are limited in manpower and budget, setting up their own accounting department maybe unaffordable. Outsourcing these accounting works is one effective and efficient way to save time and effort, allowing the company to focus on what they do best. In fact, research shows that the cost of outsourcing is only around 1/5 of the cost of hiring a full-time accounting staff.

Report generation (e.g., sales, purchase, or inventory reports)
Reports are extremely useful for the management to monitor their business status. Therefore, we can provide services to assist your business to generate all types of useful reports, such as sales report, purchase report and financial reports etc.

Potential Problem Areas Identification
As your business operates; problems may arise in many different areas/circumstances. It is always better to prevent a problem arise than seeking a solution after it happened. We can provide services to help your business to identify potential problem areas. In case if any problem arises, we can also provide advices on potential solutions based on our professional knowledge.

Inno Auditing Service

Statutory Audit
For all limited companies incorporated in Hong Kong, it is required by the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance that an audited financial statements must be submitted to the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

Apart from the compliance to the laws, statutory audit provides a mean to detect any potential problem areas of a company and identify the problems to the directors and shareholders of the company.

Inno Consultants can provide professional audit services to companies and valuable advices on the financial of the companies.

Internal Audit
While annual statutory audit concentrates mainly on the financial aspect of a company, it is important for a company to review its internal operations and other business aspects.

An internal audit can provide a third party independent opinion on the financial, operational and business flow of a company. Potential problem areas can be identified and solved on a timely basis. The efficiency and effectiveness of the workflows of the company can be improved by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in the processes.

Independent Compliance Audit
Provide independent Compliance Policy / System health check or audit